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Meet the Team


Meghan Daniele

  • Over 20 years of experience in education, both in regular and special education

  • Permanent dual certification in regular education grades 7 through 12 and special education ages kindergarten through 21 with a preschool extension

  • licensed in both NY and CT

  • Experience working with gifted and talented, developmentally delayed, learning disabled, multiple disabilities, OHI, autism spectrum disorder, incarcerated youth, and most extensively in the areas of cognitive and emotional behavioral disorders

  • Served as the special education chairperson for a special act district in NY and have over 20 years of experience administering educational evaluations, interpreting data, writing reports and IEPs, creating behavior intervention plans, and attending CSE and PPT meetings as an advocate and as a chairperson

  • Intimately familiar with special education funding, referrals, and educational law in NY and CT and has worked with both private and public sectors


Erica Brandt

  • Over 10 years of experience in education, both in regular and special education

  • Regular English tutoring K-12 (reading comprehension, grammar, essay writing, etc.)

  • Honors English tutoring

  • SAT tutoring

  • Specializing in severe behavioral issues, ADD, ADHD, autism, & more

  • Manages students’ behavior while developing and teaching behavioral strategies to support students’ self-control

  • Formulates and implements rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining a well-disciplined learning environment

  • Assesses students’ skills to determine their needs and develop effective teaching plans particular to each student’s abilities

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