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Educational Evaluations

Educational evaluations are crucial in assessing the effectiveness of educational programs, policies, and practices. Evaluations provide a systematic and objective way of measuring the impact of education on students' learning outcomes and overall development. By evaluating educational programs, policymakers and educators can identify areas that need improvement and make informed decisions about resource allocation and program development. Evaluations can also help educators and administrators understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teaching methods and adjust their practices accordingly. Additionally, evaluations can provide valuable feedback to students, parents, and other stakeholders, helping them to understand the value of education and how to make informed choices about their education. Overall, education evaluations are essential in ensuring that educational programs are effective, efficient, and equitable, and that they meet the needs of all learners.

Our evaluations are used to test academic domains across 20 subtests that measure listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematical skills, and fluency in academic areas. They also measure achievement as specified by IDEA to identify and classify learning disabilities, or emotional disabilities. 

*Pricing varies according to the services requested. Please contact us to inquire about rates. 

(WIAT-4 or Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement)

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